Luxury Retail Consultant

Corporate branding, memorable merchandising, web-store design & strategic buying

About Me

I’m a former merchandise manager with a unique perspective, having lived and worked in San Francisco and Silicon Valley during my career.  I believe in the power of partnership and collaboration, and I value my clients’ and counterparts’ positions, opinions, and goals.  I look forward to learning more about you and how Jadele Consulting can help your brand.


Creative Visual Merchandising is intriguing. Showing creativity in displays can increase the time customers spend in your shop. A memorable display will start natural conversations between staff and consumers. By constantly changing the displays, you'll grow your retail business and gain the loyalty of the shoppers.

Corporate Gifting

Having a company party? Try something new! Have guests pick their own gift, we'll provide product, advertisements, and staff to help create a unique experience. Are you're looking to expand? Handing out a tangible and useful promotional product can create diversity by showing that your company cares. Jadele Consulting specializes in finding unique gifts that will be appreciated by all

Buying PLan

An Open-To-Buy is the playbook. Staying on top of all expenses will ensure your company has the correct inventory level. By having Jadele Consulting build a playbook for your shop you will surpass projected sales and improve the profit margin. Planning your orders ahead of time will ensure dollars are available to purchase off-price merchandise.


Your offline business must have an online presence. There is a desire for instant access, round-the-clock accessibility and fast turnaround. Giving customers and members the opportunity to shop online will increase your company's responsiveness. Save time by having your customers look for alternatives on their own. Contact Jadele Consulting with all of your webstore questions.

Nice To Meet You!

Jennifer Miranda with Jadele Consulting is an experienced Retail Merchandise Manager. Jadele can help with all your retail needs. A well-designed purchasing strategy will help companies raise profit margin. By getting your store online, you will reach an ideal audience and gain a loyal following. Custom Merchandise and Promotional Products will help your brand remain memorable. Contact Jennifer if there is something you need help with that you don’t see listed here.

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