As a Luxury Beauty Industry Professional, your busy, your booked and let’s be real – you need to save yourself some time. A Website is an important tool that will help you showcase your services, build your brand, and connect with your dream clients – all while you sleep, eat, go out, or do what ever it is that you enjoy doing… In this blog we’re going to go over the latest website design trends for 2023 but before we do, let’s review the key elements needed on your site.

Key Website Elements for the Luxury Beauty Industry Professional


A clear and concise description of your services. The first thing your potential client should see are the services you offer. This can include the types of services, prices, promotions and packages. *Pro-Tip* list your favorite (highest profit margin) services first.


High-quality content. The beauty and esthetics world is an industry highly focused on visuals, so it’s important for your website page to include professional images and videos. These visuals give your clients a better idea of what to expect from your services. Quality content will help build and strengthen your brand image.


Your email, address, phone number, and business address need to be easy to find on your website. Potential clients need to know exactly where they will need to travel to in order to work with you.


Get your best clients together and ask them to to write you a fire ass testimonial that you can use on your site. The positive feedback will help you build trust with new potential clients. *Pro-tip* offer a $5 Starbucks giftcard to anyone willing to submit a video testimonial! Video is king when it comes to content!


A booking system needs to be easy to find so clients can book appointments with out having to call you or email you. You want to save yourself as much time as you can.


This is last for a reason, too many times I see websites that start their page off with a huge about me feature. Remember, although your clients are booking with you because you are… you – that doesn’t mean you are the hero of this story. Position yourself as the the guide, your client is the hero. Your about page needs to be small and featured at the bottom of your site, never above the fold.

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Website Design Trends for the Beauty Industry

Ok, now that we went over the basics lets talk about the 2023 Website Design Trends for the Beauty Industry Professional. Trends change over time but these trends are super popular and effective in creating engaging and visually appealing websites.

2023 Website Design Trends for the Luxury Beauty Industry Professional

Ok lets go over something real quick, trends are fun and yes they can help you get noticed and seen but it’s important to stay true to you. These are whats hot right now but you do not have to use all of them. Go with a few that feel aligned to you and your brand.

  • Y2K AESTHETIC: Hello 2000’s Pop Culture! The beauty industry is fun so lets keep it that way! We’re loving retro typeface use, pixelated fonts and images, and custom cursors. Using bright and eye-catching colors can also help create a memorable and engaging page that stands out from the competition.
  • CUSTOM TYPEFACES: Have fun and remember to be unique. You can approach this a few different ways, there is no specific type that will dominate but for beauty industry professionals we want to keep it fashion forward, funky and keep it spicy.
  • EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Editorial style images and videos is definitely a must. Work with a branding photographer that gets this! Websites that showcase stunning product photography, behind-the-scenes videos, or beauty tutorials can help build a brand image that inspires customers to make a purchase or book a service with you. Check my editorial brand photography board on Pinterest for inspiration
  • INTERACTIVE FEATURES: Interactive features like quizzes, surveys, and interactive product demos are a great way to keep users on your website. These features can help engage website visitors and provide an interactive and personalized experience. The longer users stay on your site, the higher you can rank on google.
  • MOBILE FIRST DESIGN: With more and more people accessing the internet from their mobile devices, mobile-first design has become a trend in the beauty industry. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices can provide a better user experience and help increase customer engagement and sales.

So What’s Next?

Now that you know whats hot, find the aesthetic that feels most aligned with where your business is at, and where you want your business to go. We always want to focus on where we see ourselves evolving to in the next 3-5 years. A website that can grow with your business is essential.

You can purchase templates, work with a designer, or try the DIY lane. We recomned all our sites be built on the platform Showit. This platform has free templates, user friendly customizations and the best part is no coding knowledge is required. Showit also offers property settings to help you incorporate SEO optimization which will help you rank on google search pages! YEAH BABY!!

Overall, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, if you already have a site you’re familar with try to give it an update or refresh. Incorporating a few of these website design trends into your beauty industry website, you can create a visually stunning and engaging experience for your customers that sets you apart from the competition.

Want More Help?

We are currently offering fully custom brand identity packages and website designs. Visit our service page for pricing and more information.

Website Design Trends for the Luxury Beauty Industry Professional

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