It’s officially time… time for your business to move past just an instagram bio and a “dm me to book” link. You’re ready for your business to look and feel professional, get noticed, and be admired by your dream client. Bruh, you’re ready to work with a website designer.

A full website build should not be taken lightly. It requires deep reflection, collaboration, and a real commitment to your goals. In the light of going through this process you’ll come out ahead in so many ways.

I’m a website designer, yes. But you’ll also get a brand coach and consultant who is going to challenge and push you to make the best possible decisions for your business. Once I align with clients I take pride and ownership over each project. Your goals are my goals!

A professional website designer

What to expect when hiring a professional website designer.

Let’s make some magic, baby.

PREBOOKING – the coffee chat

We need to make sure it’s a right fit on both sides. The last thing either of us want is for you to commit before you’re truly ready. How can you be sure you are ready before we hop on the call? Here are some key questions to ask yourself first.

What does your business currently make money?
What types of products or services do you offer?
Who is your ideal client and why are you the best option for them?
Do you have a strong brand identity that can grow with you over the next year?
Have you considered a branded photography session?
What content (written words) do you want on your website?
What are the goals for your business?

Of course, we’ll help you through some of this but if you already have a grasp on these things we’ll be able to help you get to your goals much faster.

PHASE ONE: your dream website deep dive

This is a 60min collaboration where we dream up all desires you have for your new website. Let’s get straight to it. How do you make money and how can your website help you bring in more revenue. First, we discuss your products or services and prioritize them by most popular and best sellers. We review the content and make sure it is organized in a clear and logical way and optimized for search engines. Then we go over the visual brand elements that include graphics, images, icons that all help make your website more engaging and informative.

Woman creating a beautiful and professional website

PHASE TWO: website development strategy and design

For the most part, you won’t see me working creatively behind the scenes… the dozens of concepts I go through before finalizing your design… the hours of coffee filled mornings and the countless late night changes… but don’t worry definetly magical. Picture glitter dust everywhere…

A full website design includes several important elements that are necessary to create a functional, visually appealing, and user-friendly website. These elements include:

Navigation menu: A clear and easy-to-use navigation menu that allows users to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Visual Design: A visually appealing design that includes elements such as graphics, images, and icons to make the website more engaging and informative.

Responsive design: A design that ensures the website looks and works well on different devices and screen sizes.

Interactivity: Interactive elements such as forms, maps, and videos that make the website more engaging and user-friendly.

Accessibility: A design that is compliant with web accessibility guidelines to ensure that users with disabilities can access and use the website.

Functionality: The integration of different functions such as e-commerce, booking and appointments, online submissions, and other functionalities specific to the business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The implementation of various techniques to improve the visibility of website on search engines and boost the organic traffic

Speed Optimization: To improve website performance and speed which can improve user engagement and SEO

Performance analytics: Additionally tools that allow the website owners to monitor traffic, user engagement and conversions, and use this data to improve website performance.

Don’t worry, I dont keep the magic all to myself. This phase will include sharing concepts with you, gathering your feedback, and a full round of revisions until the website is exactly what you dreamed it could be… and so much more.

PHASE THREE: generate some buzz

The site is complete and you are head over heels, but you still have a little work to do. It’s time to create some buzz! In this phase we give you some launch templates for you to sprinkle across all your social media platforms. Talk about how you’ve partnered with a website designer, talking about the project multiple times will not give too much away, so don’t hold back! There is no magic timeline required for this phase but we do reccomend two weeks with at least three posts describing whats to come for your new website.

PHASE FOUR: launch that site, baby!

You’re ready to show the site off to the world! Don’t worry we’ve prepared you for this. We’ve taught you how to go over the dashboard and features and make sure you are confident to navigate once the sales start pouring in. You’re able to review, edit and make necessary cause let’s face it, you will evolve! Once we’re both confident that you have everything you need, LAUNCHHHH IT!

If you’re ready for your business to partner with a website designer and give you the website of your dreams, fill out our inquiry form and let’s get started!

What to Expect When Hiring a Professional Website Designer

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